What is KosLo?

In 2014, KosLo’s Founder and CEO Devin Koskan was frustrated with the car buying process. He spent hours looking at different websites and going to multiple dealerships, trying to find the best car at the best price. Devin knew there had to be a more efficient way to find the exact car he wanted.

And that’s exactly what KosLo does.

There aren’t hundreds of pages of car listings for the customer to sift through – in fact, there aren’t any cars to look at on KosLo.com until the top 5 vehicle results from across the country are emailed directly to the customer. If a customer knows exactly what kind of car they want to buy, KosLo will help them find the right car at the right price and if that car happens to be thousands of miles away, KosLo will also negotiate shipping so that it is delivered right to their doorstep.


What KosLo Does

KosLo connects dealers with shoppers from across the country. KosLo receives customer requests and allows participating dealers to submit an offer for their business if they have the customer’s requested vehicle. All of the bids then go through a proprietary algorithm and the top five vehicles that match what the customer is looking for are delivered to the customer’s inbox. If the customer selects one of the vehicles, the dealership then follows up with the customer to close the sale. This process saves both the customer and the dealership time and money.

KosLo.com launched in January 2016 with a soft launch and continues to roll out updates to the website. As both dealerships and consumers learn about the KosLo process, it won’t be long until KosLo is synonymous with saving people time and money, while connecting customers with the dealership that has their dream car at the ideal price.